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Quantum Mind

What if the Earth is a sentient living being? Kat and her twin brother Pat, meet Alder who came to the Earth, with others from his distant planet, over 5000 years ago. Their ancient mission was to help planet Earth reconnect to a group of sentient planets quantumly connected around the universe. Kat and Pat discover that they and others they meet have special "quantum abilities" by using the colorful stones Alder has with him. Discovering they can manipulate the "quantum properties" from the world around them, the twins agree to help these original settlers complete their mission. Their exciting journey takes them to the ancient stone monuments in Ireland and England to create a connection, all the while other ancient settlers are actively trying to stop them. Does Alder complete his sacred mission?

If you liked I Am Number Four or The Many Colored Land you will enjoy this book. Can be read as a stand alone book.

I have been working and consulting in the software engineering field for the past 30 years. I started working in technical support and I'm now managing and directing several teams around the world. The exciting part of technology is how it's constantly changing. It never gets boring or dull!


Being an avid reader since I was a little kid, I have always had a passion for storytelling and writing. Having the technical background helped with navigating the seemingly endless road of complexities and challenges of self-publishing. My first book, Bit By Bit, came to me as a random story idea. It took about a year to 'think' about it and then another year to write it. It was an incredible experience to finally complete it. Over the next year, I wrote another technothriller called Carbon Copy. At this point, I started to pay attention to the kind of stories that I liked to read. I recently completed Quantum Mind, as one of the books in the three book series called Quantum Genesis.


An adventurer at heart, some of my hobbies are scuba diving, flying, and hang gliding. Flying through the congested New York controlled airspace, hang gliding off a mountain top, or scuba diving on the Great Barriet Reef has led to some interesting experiences and sights that very few people have the chance to visit.


  • Anyone can have a great story, but
  • you need  to be a good storyteller to
  • make it real and  inspire imagination.


- MD Hanley