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Also, please check out the works of Christine A. Adams that wrote many of the beloved and internationally sold Elf Help books.

In addition, Christine Adams has been writing carenotes for Abbey Press. She has written about addiction, spirituality, health and aging issues. She has also contributed to the Teen Notes section.

She has also recently brought several of her works back into print, ABC's of Grief and Spirituality: A Life Force.

She has also written 4 new books to add to her collection. A Teacher of God, Let Go and Let God Therapy, Seasons: Spiritual Meditations for Winter, Spring, Summer, Winter, and Gratitude - A Spiritual Way of Life. Be one the first people to buy these inspirational works.

E-mail: adamsbutch@comcast.net

Pictures can say a 1000 words. Take a look at Harrison Hanley's website to see some of his incredible and stunning photography.

E- harrywandermail@gmail.com