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A Spiritual Way of Life Series


A Spiritual Way of Life series is a collection of books that can help you develop a greater understanding of how to handle the challenges and barriers we face each day. Each book contains small truths about gratitude, acceptance, humility, love, and Peace. Coupled with these pithy statements are abstract word-cloud images which will help to reinforce each truth.


These books aren't meant to be read in specific order. Just open up the book and if you see an image or a statement that catches your eye; then, see if that page resonates with you. People who have read these books say they carry them around with them every day. They might pick out one or two pages that sparks a greater understanding of how that idea can be adopted into their everyday living. Before long you will realize how gratitude, acceptance, and humility will help you to live a more spiritual way of life.

Spiritual Way of Life: Gratitude



Author Christine A. Adams maintains that it's the times we're tried and tested that we most need the reviving, renewing, restorative powers of gratitude. Discover how and why to be grateful - always! As you page through this little volume, count your blessings and watch them grow!

Spiritual Way of Life: Acceptance



In this companion book to Gratitude: A Spiritual Way of Life, the author shows us how Acceptance and Gratitude are tightly bound. These are the spiritual tools we use to accept life as it unfolds. Focusing on what God is doing for us right now, we find strength and peace to accept all of life's challenges and changes. God's Love is infinite, and  brings strength and hope. With Acceptance and Gratitude, we learn to trust in God's guidance through every moment of our lives.

Spiritual Way of Life: Humility



In this companion book to Gratitude: A Spiritual Way of Life and Acceptance: A Spiritual Way of Life, the author shows us how humility is a path of self-discovery. It helps to have a realistic sense of oneself, leading you to find the perfect balance of peace, confidence, and purpose in your life. Combining Acceptance and Gratitude with Humility, you'll be embarking on a life long journey to a spiritual way of life.

A Spiritual Way of Life: Love


Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It can heal, transform, and uplift. But what is love, really? And how can we live a life that is truly guided by love? In this book, the author explores the spiritual nature of love. She shows how love is not just a feeling, but a way of being. When we live from a place of love, we are more compassionate, understanding, and connected to ourselves, others, and the world around us. This book is a journey into the heart of love. It is a guide to living a life that is full of love, joy, and peace. The spiritual task here is to find that Divine Spark, to let it shine, and to spread it's light to all. The purpose of this series of books on Gratitude, Acceptance and Humility is to share that love directly with you.

Spiritual Way of Life: Peace



Find peace amidst chaos! Connect to God through meditation, prayer, and ritual. Observe nature, commits acts of kindness, foster loving relations and embrace self-reflection and self-acceptance. Achieve this quietude of the soul to live in peace beyond the noise of human conflict. Be still and know God! God's will for you is joy!