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Bit By Bit

Bit by Bit, is an intriguing “Techno Crime Thriller” (Murder Mystery) that unravels the corruption at the heart of tech’s big business. Gary McKeown, a brilliant technologist, a pilot, scuba diver, and world traveler, is exploited by his business partner, Roger Tillson in the dangerous world of financial corruption, “Bitcoin”, and intellectual property.

This story has many twists and surprises for the reader. Gary McKeown, while on a dive boat in Australia, one of the passengers tries to drown him by sabotaging his scuba gear. Clinging to life, Gary is in a coma for the next three years. Follow Gary and his sister, Lucy, as he tries to recover bit by bit his former life and tracking down his killer. Gary and his friends travel all over the world to find his killer and more importantly why. The suspense leading up to the end of this story, should make this a page turner.

This novel is a fast-paced action novel that takes the reader around the world, from Boston, Massachusetts, Wellington, New Zealand, Marbella Spain, and the Republic of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. This novel will appeal to readers that love puzzles, Aviation, Scuba diving, a love of Great Dane dogs (Freddie), rare memory abilities, and some of the latest trends in technology.

This story started many years ago while I was on a scuba diving liveaboard expedition diving on the Great Barrier Reef. It is truly an amazing place to experience. It is a stark juxtaposition of our climate change and the fragility of the symbiotic relationship of coral and algae. One degree Celsius can have a devastating effect on this natural wonder.
Once I started to write this story, I was surprised how much fun I was having while writing it. If the reader can get anything from this, my hope is that they find this interesting and enjoyable to read.