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MD Hanley has been working and consulting in the software engineering field for the past 30 years. Flying was something that I was always interested in, so I worked on getting my pilots license. At this point, I turned towards working in the Software Engineering field. This took me out to Redmond, Washington and then back to Boston. For many years, I developed, contributed, and created many different large software programs that ran the full breadth of different technologies and disciplines. This path helped to round out my experience and knowledge of all the different phases of software development. As the scope of responsibility increased, so did the sizes of teams that I worked on or managed. Managing and working with teams all around the globe, made one fundamental thing apparent, communication. This was the one immutable characteristic of being successful. Communication with every document, defect report, email, slide presentation, training, or technical documentation had to have correct information and it also needed the proper context. I have been fortunate in always finding great people to work with and always some new challenge that would be interesting and challenging. An adventurer at heart, some of his hobbies are scuba diving, flying, or hang gliding. Debuting his first novel, has been a great experience and a lot of fun.